Academic Integration Service

Academic Excellence with Real-World Cyber Expertise

Embark on the journey where Treadstone 71's esteemed cyber intelligence expertise melds seamlessly with rigorous academic frameworks. Our tailored Academic Integration Services usher in enriched learning, bridging the chasm between theoretical knowledge and real-world cyber intelligence application. We curate our credit-bearing courses with prestigious academic institutions, infusing the academic sphere with Treadstone 71's pioneering intelligence tradecraft. The alliance fosters a dynamic learning environment, propelling students and institutions towards a frontier of cyber intelligence mastery, ready to tackle the digital challenges of tomorrow.Top of Form

  • Core Curriculum Adaptation:
    • Adapt our programs into credit-bearing courses, aligning materials with academic standards to ensure a theoretical and practical blend.
  • Dezvoltarea modulului:
    • Adapt, enhance, and create modules on emerging cyber intelligence topics like cyber psyops, cognitive warfare, geopolitical intelligence, and influence operations.
  • Accreditation Partnership:
    • Collaborate with institutions to meet accrediting bodies' standards, adding credibility and facilitating course credit acceptance.
  • Cadrul de evaluare:
    • Establish or merge frameworks with exams, projects, and practical assignments aligned with course learning objectives.
  • Instructor Preparation:
    • Train instructors on Treadstone 71 course content and methods.
  • Offering Adaptation:
    • Tailor courses to semester-long formats with academic assessments and interdisciplinary projects.
  • Cercetare în colaborare:
    • Partner with universities for joint research projects, labs, or capstone projects blending academic learning with real-world application.
  • Specialized Academic Workshops:
    • Offer standalone workshops or short courses, collaborating with faculty to incorporate relevant academic content in specialized modules and deep-dive topics.

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